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Unfolding Architecture

Dir. Taryn Edmonds & Rosie Morris

Sound by Sam Grant

7.45 mins



Nothing is more disturbing than the incessant movements of what seems immobile 

Gilles Deluze


While buildings and the streets that connect them might seem to be petrified monuments of silence, they speak and move. Thousands of rhythms oscillate at independent paces, occasionally aligning as much by coincidence as design.


Unfolding Architecture is a playful exploration of the forces that underpin city space. Expanding on shared research interests and previous collaborative works, Morris & Edmonds intercut observations from the urban landscape with performative elements that reference architectural and cinematic processes, to consider the city as a malleable entity, a web of shifting layered spaces.


Shown as part of Notes on Navigating Space, Artlacuna, London & Town Hall Meeting of the Air, Baltic 39 Newcastle

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