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Call and Response

3 minute film extract


Collaboration with Rosie Morris

Dual projection installation. 

11:37 mins, looped.

Made with footage gathered and shared between the artists via their mobile phones, Call & Response takes the form of a visual conversation, an exploration of our individual and shared experience of space. 

Developed from the artists shared interest in psycho-geography, this work has evolved through a playful and experimental process. Over a period of months the artists captured and exchanged moments from their separate surroundings on an almost daily basis. With each new clip the recipient was invited to create a response, using the received video as a ‘lens’ through which to reinterpret their own landscape. In this way the work grows and builds pace, diverges along tangents, repeats and shifts. The final piece follows a journey between urban and rural, micro and macro, commonplace and sublime. Exhibited as a dual-projection, the overlapping projections create a common ground where these individual spatial experiences co-exist and blur, enhanced by a soundtrack that shifts between incidental audio and choreographed soundscape.

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