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From Brighton to Iceland


Dir. Taryn Edmonds & Laura Maragoudaki


Short Documentary, Commisioned by Community Channel and Northern Film & Media

Welcome to Stanhope Street in the West End of Newcastle upon Tyne, a small street with many shops, not dissimilar to many streets across Britain. But from dawn ‘till dusk, it is a bustling place of convergence, an arena of cross-cultural pollination, embodied in the daily ritual of food buying.

The film was developed as a protest against an increased wave of negative press - both nationally and locally - around cultural diversity within communities. As residents of this area, we wanted to highlight the everyday reality of this place. From Brighton to Iceland is a poetic celebration of diversity in communities across Britain today, through a portrait of this Geordie West End street.

Using observational footage against a soundtrack of music collected from the local shops, the film captures the amusing and insightful moments in the everyday transactions of a market place which brings together people and products from all corners of the world. 

The film was broadcast on the Community Channel and featured at Sheffield Documentary Film Festival and Diversity in Place Film Festival, Hawaii, 2010.

It was also exhibited as part of a pop-up cinema on Stanhope Street in May 2011.


Production Stills:

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